Insurance and Savings policies


Life has its surprises and it is important to prepare financially for any situation. Nevertheless, in practice, often the daily reality does not allow for sufficient savings for times of need.

Hence, it is important to undertake alternative solutions that provide peace of mind and financial security, for us and for all cherished family members.
Psagot Insurance offers a range of solutions designed to provide peace of mind when it comes to the family’s finances and concern for well-being, also in difficult times:

Life insurance

Psagot offers two types of life insurance. Shield for Life – Magen La’Hayim - traditional life insurance which grants one-time compensation in case of death and Psagot for the family - life insurance that provides monthly compensation adapted to the needs of the family.

Mortgage Life Insurance

Psagot offers two types of mortgage life insurance policies, adapted to the banks’ requirements when providing mortgage loans. First, traditional mortgage life insurance, required for taking a banking loan, and in addition Psagot offers the Psagot mortgage for couples - mortgage life insurance that allows couples who take a joint mortgage, to purchase joint mortgage insurance, at a low cost, relative to traditional insurance.

Psagot savings policies

 a fluid savings for any amount and for any purpose, at fixed management fees, and for a variety of investment tracks as well as flexibility in deposits and withdrawals. 

Due to the many years of experience, responsible management and financial strength of Psagot, Israel's largest investment house, we are capable of offering clients advanced and first rate insurance products, with emphasis on professional, courteous, reliable and personal service. This, combined with Psagot’s economies of scale, seeks to provide you and your family security, stability and peace of mind.
Psagot’s range of insurance solutions allow you to ensure that the standard of living of your family will not be harmed, also in the event of crisis, heaven forbid, so that they may continue their lives in a dignified manner, as you planned for them.

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