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​Psagot offers a wide range of products and services, such as: mutual funds, ETFs, portfolio management, provident funds, study funds, pension funds and central severance pay funds, in a variety of tracks and investment channels allowing each client to choose the most suitable product considering his nature and personal needs.

Brokerage and Research 

The brokerage department of Psagot Securities furnishes its institutional clients with security trading services in Israel and abroad.  Psagot has the largest and most qualified investments and research set-up in Israel numbering close to 80 analysts, investment managers and traders who provide real time analyses and forecasts, in all market circumstances in Israel and abroad.    

Psagot Trade

Psagot provides an advanced autonomous trading system, personally customized, as well as professional service and support in the account-opening process as well as in  operating the system during trading hours. Psagot Trade provides an  attractive alternative in performing independent trading activity, with low fees and “interest on your money” (the shekel denominated balance in the account is fluid and interest accrues daily).

Investment Portfolio Management

Psagot Securities, Israel’s largest investment portfolio management company manages investment portfolios on behalf of more than 6,000 clients who benefit from professional management of portfolios of various volumes. Psagot’s experts carefully characterize the client’s needs, provide personal and reliable service as well as fully transparent professional investment management.

Mutual Funds

Psagot offers a wide range of mutual funds that specialize in various types of investments in Israel and overseas, and are suitable for many types of investors. Psagot Mutual Funds’ team of investment managers are experienced and skilled, providing careful professional investment management with continuous monitoring conducted by the company’s risks management system. 

ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)

An ETF is an investment tool created following the reform in the Israeli ETN (Exchange Traded Notes) market (known as Amendment 28), which came into effect at the beginning of October 2018. The essence of the reform was the regulation of the ETN sector under the Joint Investments Trust Law, in the framework of which Exchange Traded  Notes converted into Exchange Traded Funds.

Study funds

Psagot offers a range of study funds for salaried employees and the self-employed by means of a range of investment tracks and at varying risk levels. Psagot’s study funds allow each member to choose the most appropriate track for his purposes (within the existing tracks) and make changes at any time, according to his needs (and in accordance with the law’s provisions).  Psagot’s study funds lead in returns over time under various and varying market circumstances.

Provident Funds

Psagot Provident and Pension Funds have been ranked one of the leading provident companies in Israel in recent years by various objective rating companies.  More than a million clients saving in Psagot’s provident funds benefit from a variety of provident fund investment tracks, professional and reliable service and from high quality long-term investment performance.

New Pension Funds

Psagot offers a variety of insurance tracks by means of a general fund and a comprehensive fund  allowing each client to select the most appropriate track to meet his particular nature and needs. The tracks can be changed at any time, in accordance with the instructions of the fund’s articles, as applicable from time to time.

 The Old Pension Fund (Ha’al)

In March 2010, after receiving regulatory approvals, the acquisition of rights and management commitments of the old fund have been completed, and since then, the investment house provides service to its thousands of client. 


​​*The minimum deposit amount that can be saved in the Psagot Managed Savings policy will be determined by the company’s policy

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​*The minimum deposit amount that can be saved in the Psagot Managed Savings policy will be determined by the company’s policy, from time to time.
**Further to the directives set forth by the Commissioner of Capital Markets, Insurance and Savings at the Ministry of Finance, appearing in the circular 9-29-2015 "Investment Tacks in Provident Funds" ( hereinafter: "the commissioner” and “circular", accordingly"), Psagot Insurance acts to change  the rules of the  investment policy of the existing investment tracks in the “Psagot Managed Savings” policy (hereinafter: "the policy"). Additionally, Psagot Insurance wishes to add new investment tracks in the policy, in an effort to expand and diversify the clients’ options.  Such updates in existing investment tracks and the addition of new tracks will come into effect no earlier than the January 1, 2016, all subject to the approval of the Commissioner.
*** Liquid funds can be withdrawn at any time - subject to the terms of the policy and as prescribed by law.

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