Service Level Agreement


Psagot is Israel's largest investment house engaged in assets management and pension savings.  We view our clients as our major asset and seek to provide them with the confidence needed in managing their savings, focusing on professional and responsible investment management as well as on providing reliable and high quality service.  In order to meet the highest standards of service, our banner includes a number of values which we seek to implement.


Our Client Service Values

Transparency and accountability

It is our understanding that our main task is to manage our clients' funds responsibly and provide them with full, objective and straightforward information on their savings, while maintaining complete transparency of information and feedback on the manner and the length of time required in handling their claims, by:
Sending to members of the provident and pension funds a personal statement at the end of each quarter* and calendar year in accordance with and subject to provisions of the law.

 A member will be able to obtain personal information by means of the company’s website by using a personal password.

 A service representative employed by the service department will inform the member, when relevant, regarding the handling of his claim and the expected schedule in finalizing his claim. 

 * Sent to members entitled to receive such reports as prescribed by law


We undertake to act with integrity, faithfulness and credibility. Information, confidentiality and the privacy of our customers are strictly adhered to. We act in accordance with the law, in full compliance with the directives of the Israel Securities’ Authority and the Ministry of Finance.
Furthermore, we ensure that business and contractual obligations agreed to with our customers are met and fulfilled.

Motivated to professionalism 

Our goal is to provide the highest professional level, to show courtesy and respect to our clients, with emphasis on meeting their needs and creating a positive service experience.

Our service personnel are constantly being trained and are scrutinized by management and support systems on a regular basis. In addition, due to our desire to improve and optimize the service furnished by us, we conduct periodic satisfaction surveys among our clients, that check the level of professionalism and service provided by our representatives.


A great deal of effort is exerted to provide service to our clients in the shortest time possible and we are committed to provide accessible and effective communication.

Channels of Communication:

Customer service by phone: Call Center from Sunday to Thursday from 8: 00-16: 00 phone number 03-7968774 or * 6707,
E-mail address:

When sending an e-mail please note  the telephone number in order to create contact.

Our fax number is 03-5162757

The fax should note the telephone number in order to create contact

Frontal Client Service at the Company offices:

Location: Tel Aviv *

Address: 14 Ahad Ha’am Street, Tel Aviv, 3rd Floor, Zip Code No. 65142
Business hours: 08:00 - 18: 00

No need for a prior appointment.

For further details please dial *6707